About The DATA Journal

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Computer Science is a growing field, and the interest in the field is ever-growing. This journal is not only important for ASUS, but also students and the Queen’s School of Computing. We hope to make the DATA Journal a project all parties involved can be proud of.

The DATA Journal is a faculty reviewed scientific journal, specializing in all aspects of undergraduate-level computing research. All undergraduate students at Queen’s can submit original work in fields relating to computer science.

DATA offers a unique opportunity for undergraduate students, as it is a fantastic platform for showcasing new, exciting and relevant computing and computing-related research.

Many students see publishing as a difficult and unattainable task, which is why DATA is proud to help break down these barriers, and aims to cultivate and produce a high quality collection of undergraduate work and research.

In its inaugural year, we aim to make DATA a well known name to as many students as possible. Through outreach events, seminars and work-sessions to promote undergraduate research at Queen’s. We will also be in collaboration with Queen's Software Developer's Club.