Who we are...

The DATA Journal is a faculty reviewed scientific journal, specializing in all aspects of undergraduate-level computing research. All undergraduate students at Queen’s can submit original work in fields relating to computer science.

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Want to submit work?

There are two ways to submit work to the DATA Journal!


You can submit an original piece of research in the form of an abstract or full manuscript. Abstracts are limited to one page, not including references, and manuscripts should be at least four pages.

If you have a research paper or abstract, make sure to format according to [this style guide] and then put it in a Dropbox folder, or in your Queen's One Drive and use that link for your submission below.


If you want to showcase a cool project you've worked on, whether it's a website, something you made for a course, or something you made at a hackathon - we'd love to have it! Simply send us a link to where we can see it, and made sure to have a brief description of the project available.

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