"Of all the skills you can learn in university as an aspiring developer, version control with Git is arguably one of the most applicable and useful. Git is a tool for tracking changes made to files among many people. This is critical for software development in a team setting as it allows multiple people to work on the same files at the same time, merging their changes together as they go. 

Git is not just for teams though! Git is useful for managing multiple versions of your code and can be used to track code locally just on your own computer. The Software Developer’s Club (SDC) will be putting on a series of workshops to teach you how to use git individually, as well as how to use Git for a group project you might do in school.

The first workshop in the series (Introduction to Git) will be 2 hours long. This workshop assumes 0 knowledge of git & version control. Learn what Git is and why it’s useful. In this crash course we will help you install and configure Git on your computer, and will teach you the basics of using Git in your projects/assignments.

The next workshop (Collaborating in a Group) will build on the introduction to Git workshop. We will teach you how to synchronize your work with your team-mates using the popular site GitHub. This workshop will cover setting up your GitHub account, pushing & pulling from remotes, as well as merging/conflict resolution. After this workshop you will have the tools and know-how to work on software projects with multiple people, even if those people are spread around the globe.

The final workshop (Advanced Topics) will cover more advanced topics that are useful for working on complex large-scale repositories. Topics in this workshop are directly applicable to enterprise-grade repositories. We will cover rebasing commits, deployment hooks, and several popular branching & workflow methodologies commonly found in industry and open-source projects."

By: Kevin Zürn, September 22nd, 2017